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Not much to say really.  This is a website of scrawls and drafts and writings.  It has some original stories and lots of fan fiction.  What can I say—everyone has a hobby.


I wrote a bunch of vignettes when I was younger, none of which made much sense, but they’re on here.   

These days, I don’t write much that’s original, at least nothing I can ever finish, but I do write a lot of fanfic stories where things blow up. 

Curiously, the one thing I do well is action.  The faster paced a show, the more likely I am to get the bug to write stories for it. 

What this means is, I’m not all that clever.  No prizes will ever cross my lap.  But I am prolific and, for those who read the stories,

I hope you find them entertaining.


Or, at least, fun. 







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