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Just as an FYI, I write Gen and Team fics, so it's mostly action/adventure, h/c and humor. 


Oh, and just for kicks – Camp Sheppard is near Mount Rainier.  Seriously, I did not make this sign up...


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October 1, 2009 – No new stories, I'm afraid, but I do have some updates.  Astridv, the incredible artist, painted a beautiful illustration for the Black Lake, and, man, did she nail the setting! It's really lovely, and I've put it with the story.  Also, I won a couple of awards!  Whoot!  First, "Figurative Hell and Literal High Water" won an Isis Award for "RodneyMcKay/Jennifer Keller – Other" (I don't know what "Other" means, but since this is really an action story, I'm taking it as the too-cool-to-be-defined category).  I'm totally jazzed about it, since romance is so not my forte, so I was really happy to be both nommed and to get an award!  Second, the 2008 Stargate Fan Awards came out, and people kindly voted for three of my stories!  Namely, "Night Highway," my little foray into McKay's childhood, won for Gen McKay Angst, "Time to Save The Galaxy, Rodney," won for Gen McKay Episode Based, and, coolness upon coolness, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" won for Gen Character Drama.  Yay!  Thank you all so much for nominating me!




Stargate: Atlantis and its characters, including the setting, are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. I own nothing and no one.  No infringement intended, no profit made or even dreamed of.  Thank you to the amazing writers, producers, actors, crew and directors who bring it to life.




Thank you everyone so much for recommending and voting for me in the Stargate Fan Awards! I'm totally flabbergasted, overjoyed and humbled!  Seriously, HUMBLED. I've put the two general ones below. If you click on it, you'll got to the awards site, where you can see the other winners, and, I hope, the folks who were all nommed.  All the stories are so amazing!











HIDDEN RESOURCES – [One Page] [Five Parts] []

Searching again for a Z.P.M on another world, Sheppard's Team find themselves on a planet with an unusual form of defense against the Wraith--shame it's broken Team Fic. September, 2004 (Yes, that's right...wicked early on in Season One)



A small, innocuous looking temple on the top of a tree-covered hill held secrets none of them could have imagined (Halloween story) Team Fic with an emphasis on Sheppard and McKay.  November 2004  WINNER OF A 2005 STARGATE FAN AWARD! Whee!





a typical day in the Gate Room, as seen through the eyes of Beckett and Weir. Beckett, Weir, Sheppard and McKay. November 2004  WINNER OF A 2007 STARGATE FAN AWARD (for HUMOR!  Squee!)


AFTERMATH – [One Page] []

Tag for "The Defiant One," picking up at the same point where the actual episode ends.  What if Brendan Gall was right?  What if people really would talk…? BIG HUGE SPOILERS for the episode.  Everyone. December 2004


A SHOW OF TRUST – [One Page] []

An impromptu rescue leads to a rift in the ranks, and that's just the start of their problems.  Sheppard and McKay. February, 2005.


THE TRENCH[One Page] []

The team explores a planet that the Ancients have mysteriously placed in a different file of gate addresses—and you just know they must have had a very good reason for it. Oh, and there's this big trench, see…. Team Fic. March 2005 WINNER OF A 2006 STARGATE FAN AWARD! 




Very short little ficlet inspired by a random mention of Monty Python's "Black Knight" from the Holy Grail on a Yahoo Group.  Couldn't stop myself.  Obviously, not to be taken seriously.  Em…Team Fic? Kinda? March 2005



Tag for Siege II (in other words, my soon to be AU version of Siege II) because I couldn't wait until July.  Everyone. April, 2005.



Takes place between Rising and Hide & Seek.  How Sheppard chose his team, how the Athosians got comfortable in Atlantis, and how Halling broke his leg. Team Fic. July 2005.




FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE – [One Page] [Five Parts] [] –

The timing is a little screwy.  We're caught somewhere between Runner and Duet, but, in this story, Ronan's already on the team.  The Team, including Weir and diplomat in training Orrin Travis, are caught in the middle of a civil war on another world.  In the beginning, McKay's badly hurt, Sheppard's running out of options, and the clock is ticking for the rest of the team imprisoned and sentenced to be hanged in the morning.....Team Fic, with an emphasis on Sheppard and McKay.  September 2005.  WINNER OF A 2006 STARGATE FAN AWARD



The ELEDGIAS – [One Page] []

Out on the Mainland is an Ancient ruin, which the Athosians have kept from the Atlantians for months.  McKay hopes it holds the key as to why the Ancients chose this planet out of all the millions in the Pegasus Galaxy to land on, but the secrets it holds are a lot more dangerous than that. Team Fic. October 2005.



Deadly happenings on a jungle planet leave the Team fighting for their lives with Wraith closing in on all sides...Team Fic. January 2006.


SHEPPARD MOON – [One Page] []

When the shield device around an Ancient space-station begins to break down, it doesn't just trap our traps the Daedalus as well.  Team Fic. March 2006.  WINNER OF A 2006 STARGATE FAN AWARD  Helix Nebula also made me a picture to go along with the story, which was so, so cool!  It’s at the end of the story, but it’s also here.  Isn’t it great? 





Four refugees from a culled world bring some unexpected trouble to Atlantis, and no one avoids the fallout.  Everyone, with emphasis on Beckett, McKay and Sheppard.  July 2006.




DOWN CAME A SPIDER – [One Page] []

AU – written before No Man's Land (and The Pegasus Project) aired. The Wraith target their most dangerous human enemy—they just didn't count on the bull-headed resilience of his friends.  CROSSOVER with SG-1 and AU.  McKay, Carter and the rest of the Team.  April 2006.


THERMOPYLAE[One Page] [] [Live Journal]

The team finally find a really cool spaceship on a planet with no strings attached, why do the Wraith always have to show up and spoil the fun? Team Fic.  September 2006.


A Different Kind Of Courage[One Page] [Live Journal]

Trapped with his thoughts, McKay finds himself wondering about the darkness that lives within two of the people he trusts the most in the world. WARNING! BIG HUGE SPOILERS FOR IRRESPONSIBLE! McKay. December 2006.


THE POEM CHALLENGE SERIES – to read the challenge, go HERE.  In addition to me, so far, I know that Sablecain, NotTasha (twice!), Flah7, b7-kerravon, Vecturist, Liketheriver, Tazmy, Beth Green, Cybersyd, Leesa Perrie (three times!), Leesa's "bloke" (<bg>) and Indus have all tried it (yes, their names are links to the stories. Go read them—they're all fantastic. You won't be disappointed!).  And please email me if anyone else has a go! 


        THE ALBATROSS OF ATLANTIS – [One Page] [] [Live journal]

Another storm hits Atlantis, and a very human error could not only destroy the City's main supply of fresh water, but kill two of its senior staff.  Zelenka POV, with peril for Sheppard and McKay.  Elizabeth also hovers leaderishly. Zelenka, January 2007.


      THE SOUL OF ULYSSES – [One Page] [] [Live journal]

Elizabeth on her withdrawal while back on Earth in The Return Part I, and on her to return to Pegasus.  NO SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND HALF OF SEASON THREE! HONEST!  Elizabeth POV, with the others in the background.  Weir, January 2007.


TO IMMORTALITY – [One Page] [Live Journal]

This is a missing scene (best description I can think of without giving it away) to the episode "Sunday".  Do not read this unless you have seen the episode.  January 2007.



Chases, explosions, head wounds, twisted ankles, oceans and deserts serve as the backdrop to a rescue mission that doesn't quite go as planned.  In other words, a typical Atlantis mission o' mayhem. Team fic. March 2007.


DESERT ORKIDS – [One Page] []

Despite themselves, the Atlantians find themselves caught up in the mystery and politics of a desert world, a place where, if they dig too deeply, they could end up buried alive. Team Fic with emphasis on McKay and Sheppard. Complete September 2007.





AU – Written before Adrift aired. City in peril, check.  Sheppard and team on a suicidal mission, check.  McKay acting like an ass and doing his own thing, check.  We've seen it all before—but Col. Sam Carter hasn't and she's about to find out that leading a team of headstrong, genius scientists is not an easy task.  (Note: I have read *no* spoilers for season four. This is just wishful thinking.)  Carter, McKay and, to a lesser degree, Radek, Miko and Chuck. Complete September 2007  WINNER OF A 2008 STARGATE FAN AWARD!


THE LONG NIGHT – [One Page] [] [Live Journal]

Tag to "Lifeline" – it's still night on the new planet, just hours after setting down, but, despite the terrifying events and the exhausting pace of the last few days, not everyone is asleep yet.  SPOILERS (obviously) FOR ADRIFT AND LIFELINE.  Zelenka, Sheppard and McKay.  Complete October 2007.


NIGHT HIGHWAY – [One Page] [] [Livejournal]

The Jumper is stranded several light years away from the nearest Stargate.  The Team knows the Apollo will find them before they run out of power, but there's a problem.  Rodney's sick—very, very sick—and he's running out of time. McKay H/C.  McKay, Team, McKay's Family.  October 2007. WINNER OF A 2008 STARGATE FAN AWARD!


TIME TO SAVE THE GALAXY, RODNEY – [One Page] [] [Livejournal]

Yet another missing scene fic for The Last Man, the last episode of Season Four.  I know, everybody’s doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself.  Sheppard’s final moments in the future with Rodney, answering those last few questions. And a way to say thanks for the chance to change it.  Sheppard, McKay, bits of Ronon and Keller.  March 2008.  WINNER OF A 2008 STARGATE FAN AWARD!



Rodney's desperate to save his team, and Keller's just trying to keep up, on a planet where hurricanes can last for days.  Keller, McKay, Teyla, Sheppard, wee bit of Lorne and Ronon.  April 2008.  WINNER OF A 2008 ISIS AWARD!  I love their serious faces in the below picture! 






      A GOOD MAN – [One Page] [] [Livejournal]

      Tag to “Outsiders” – just a short scene dealing with some of the fallout from the episode.  October 2008.


      THE SEEKERS – [One Page][][Livejournal]

Originally entitled “The Incredibly Stupid Idea,” there’s a kidnapped McKay, a determined and angry Team Sheppard, a temple of doom, lots and lots of traps, and far too many Indiana Jones references.  McKay, Ronon, an OFC with a gun, and the rest of the Team.  March 2009.


THE BLACK LAKE – [One Page][][Livejournal]

Things go belly up (because they always go belly up) on a rescue mission to save an SGA team stuck deep underground and running out of air.  Team Fic with Keller, but the girls are the ones who have to save the day. May 2009.





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