Gypsy's Stories


This page contains stories by the wonderful Michelle, aka Gypsy.

Please email her if you like her stories!


Updated October 2, 2002:


ATF Fic "It's Nothing...Really" and OW Fic "A Matter of Family"


Desperate Measures

OW story. The bank is robbed, the robber is missing and Ezra hasn't shown up yet. Chris, Ezra, Vin and Nathan.


There For You

OW Story. Chris and Ezra transport a dangerous criminal.


Hanging Out

OW story. Just another day on the edge. (challenge answer). Chris and Ezra.


It's Nothing...Really.

ATF Story. Ezra is trying to hide his pain...and not succeeding. Added October 2, 2002.


A Matter of Family.

OW Story. A brother's family sets out to revenge him. Added October 2, 2002.


Coming Soon....


Wild Cards

NC-17 story. What if your favorite TV characters were real? What if only you could save them?





Single White Female



Secrets and Half Truths



And more coming later as well....


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