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Main Sites and Archives:

The Magnificent Seven -- The Legend – One of the real nerve centers.  If this site doesn’t have it, it can get you to someplace that does. – The original site. May I suggest that you go here when you need new stories, new information, or just if you're bored?  The links page is EXTENSIVE. 

Mag7 Webring – general webring site for all things Mag7

Lady Angel's M7 site – A huge library of fanfic! Hurray!

The Magnificent Seven Challenge Archive – know all those challenges I write? Here is the archive of other writers answers!

Magnificent AUs Archive – An archive of alternative universe stories lovingly archived by Wyndewalker.

Mistresses of Malarkey Archive – another lovely archive of fic

Blackraptor – the ultimate archive, with links to Ezra fanfic, Buck fanfic, Chris fanfic, etc.

The Wateringhole's Ezra Fic – Hmm, do I have an Ezra fascination?  Maybe.

MultiVerses – Chaz's cool archives of Mag7 and more.

Mag7 Trivia – Amazingly detailed sight, with great information, trivia and other aids.

Zen's Pages – home of the transcripts.  I just pray that she never takes this site down!

Mag7 Blooper Bunkhouse – these are really just too funny!

Death Dogs – a new archive with a funky mix of stories.

Freyan Fey's Website – A beautiful site.

M7FFA – Another great big archive o' fic.


Individual writers:

NotTashas Fictional Existence – One of the best writers in the Kingdom.

The Storyteller – Truly brilliant stories by KellyA.

Jean's Ezra Library – JeanW’s great stories about my favorite con artist.

TL Shaffer's Stories – Great stories, always

Debby's bit ' fiction – Another one of my favorite writers –a real bit o' honey of a tale spinner!

HeatherF's M7 – Fantastic, really magnificent (the highest praise) writer, and she saves lives too!

Beth's (AKA Midge's) Home on the Web – beautiful stories, and you have to read her ATF arc. Wow.

The Poker Table -- Yolande's Fanfic – talk about an amazing writer. You have to read her stuff! Plus, she knows the rules to Go Fish.

Twyla Jane's fic – Little Ezra lives here, and he is constantly getting into trouble in such delicious ways!

Setchieti and Mother Rati's Fic – More killer fic.  Warning, there is a coyote and a net involved in the URL.

Violette's Magnificent Seven Fanfic – besides purple, she loves a certain green-eyed gent just as much as I do, and is an amazing writer to boot!

Libby's Fanfic – I love this girl.  Oh, and she writes awesome fic too.

Enola's Realm – she had Mag 7 and more!

Helen's Site (aka VC Girl) – Mag7 and Bonanza!

Bernadette's Site – I particularly have to recommend her "sequel" to Obsession; it was one of the reasons I'm here at all!


History Links


The History Net – Loads of articles from all walks of life

PBS's New Perspectives on THE WEST

New Mexico History – this site has everything, even Four Corners sites (the real one).

New Mexico & SouthWest Links

The Civil War Center – great source for Civil War history


Other Links


Jesus's Adventures — Trust me, it's not what you think.  Here, the red sea looks an awful lot like chili.


TVLAND – I keep hoping they'll bring back Emergency one of these days.  A forlorn hope, I know.


Metropolitan Museum of Art – browse, shop…

National Geographic – for anyone who likes to travel and beautiful photography, nobody does it better

Flight over Four Corners (NG essay)

Proflowers – The best flower shop on the web – Lovely photos of everywhere (especially my beloved Great Britain) – huge site!  Where I posted first….

Wrinkle in Time – purchase the professional photos of the Mag 7 and others.

Eos development – beautiful web designs from some real artists.


My Home Page – has a bit about me, some strange non-Mag7 scrawls, and my own photos.


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