I enlarged the map from the first story to focus on Danaeria. The town of Thaem (pronounced Tem) sits in the Thaem Pass connecting Danaeria to Brishnia. Eagle Pass, which is in the Southern Reaches, leads to Tilluria. The pass town there is called Eagleton. Four Corners, of course, is in the middle, in the heart of the Mid Reaches.


Up in the north, The Northern Reaches are divided into three mountain ranges the Fells (west), the Tors (middle) and the Bens (east). The Fells are mineral rich and cover the area known as Dwarf Country. The Bens are where the old elves live. No one lives in the Tors, except those who don't want to be seen. The Tors are tall, freezing, dangerous mountains, the largest on the Dajan (pronounced Da-han) peninsula.


I realize it's not a good map, but maybe it might help you picture the Four Kingdoms world better.


(And yes, that's Ezra's short sword in the background. Nasty looking thing, isn't it?)