Individual Gen (mostly) Writers with sites (that I know of):


NotTasha's Page (she blames me, but I didn't make those pictures!)

Sable Cain's SGA Stories (again, she blames me.  Do you sense a pattern here?)

Laura (a/k/a cybersyd)'s Stories

EmergencyFans' Page

Wraithfodder (a.k.a. PX7555)'s Stories

Kolyaaa! (the silliest writer in the SGA universe)

The Stade (Brate and K. Hanna Korossy)


Midnight Tea

Shades of Grey

The Sibilant Storybook

Escape Through the Gate

Fanfiction by Cindy Combs

City on the Ocean's Edge (Sholio/Friendshipper's Site)

The DMZ (Domenika Marzione's fic)


Fanfiction Archives: – in particular, check out these four C2 Communities in order to sort through the dreck:

Of Cabbages and Kings

Canon Fodder

The Great Whumps, Laughs and Aww Worthy Stories of Atlantis

Ancient Database

Wraithbait (Note, there's also a lot of slash on this site)

Heliopolis: Atlantis

Dataport Archives

Jumper Bay Gen Archive (Gen only!  Hurrah!)

(Note, Gateworld, Abydos, Atlantica and some of the other general sites down below also have fic)




SGA Storyfinders (lots of slash, but lots of hidden gems as well—this is almost like a rec site)

SGA Newsletter (cool site that has links to all the new entries on live journals across the board)

SGA Noticeboard (a little bit of everything)

Derry's Domain (her reviews of the episodes are brilliant! She saved The Tower for me!)

SGA Gen Fic Recs (all good stuff!)

My own – lamely named Tipper's Green.  It's my favorite color, and I was thinking about Jasper's Green. Which means nothing to most.


Other People's Rec Pages:


Seanachais – she recs more than just Stargate, but the list she has is still nice and thick!

Zincpiccalilli: SGA Fanfic Authors – another great list of folks.  She has them split A-L, then M-Z.

And I highly recommend checking out both the Stargate Awards Page below and the SGA Gen Recs LJ above...


GENERAL SITES: (Atlantis page)

MGM's Stargate Atlantis

Gateworld (general info, forums, omnipedia, fanfiction and just cool stuff)

Pegasus Galaxy (same)

Chevron 26 (same)

Abydos Gate (same, plus a whole lot of fangirlish/fanboy squee! And great galleries)

Atlantica (general site, including fanfiction)

The Evolution (gorgeous episodic photographs)

Stargate Caps (i.e. screencaps galore!)

Sci-Fi World (lots of nice interviews, beautiful wallpapers, and the like)

Stargate Fan Awards Site (whee!)

Sci Fi Pulse (this is just cool.  Download the Video player and you can watch things like the SGA ads)




Illman's Site (so much joy!)

Derry's Domain (yes, again, this time her Vids, because they're all amazing)

Meg's Site (not me, a different Meg)

Martouf Marty's Site

Lisa's Site

Smish's Vids

Kawoosh's HUGE list of vids! (This is the motherload, baby!  This'll keep you busy for a while)

Livejournal of Songvids (And also lots and lots of great vids from all over the place!)

The Vortex-Purpleyin's Portal

Melibabe's Music Vids

PoopyPooh's Vids

The Cell (so pretty that picture!)

The Stargate Music Video Awards 2005

Welcome to Pertifity

Kitakatzz's Vids

Kyrieane's Site – she's hosting vids by several folks here

Stargate Universe's TV Themed Vids – so funny!

David Hewlett's You Tube Site -- check out Purpleyin's awesome Sunscreen Vid, which the man himself rec'd!




My M7 fic.  I know, I need to finish Rhea and the Wolf.

David Hewlett's A Dog's Breakfast

Masterchica's David Hewlett Videos – You Tube bonanza! LOL!


SITES ABOUT FANFICTION: (news, columns, blogs, etc)


The "Fanfic Symposium" – a bunch of enterprising folks wrote small essays on fanfic.

Wikipedia Legal Issues with Fanfiction Page—a nice synopsis of the legal "gray" area of fanfiction.


Recent News Articles on Fanfiction (I will try to keep this updated):

      Wall Street Journal (September 16, 2006)

      Lexington-Herald Reader (Kentucky) (September 17, 2006)

      Guardian/Observer – When Lit Hits The Fans (October 29, 2006)

      Reason Magazine – When Legal Meets Marketing (November 20, 2006)


      Note – Snobby as I am, I'll only post links to "real" papers, or articles that are unusual.  There are many more articles that pop up daily on             fanfiction, but most are on more traditional internet news sources. To my mind, the folks who read those already know about fanfic.  I'm more           interested in the news sources read by the general public.


Robin Hobb's Rant on Fanfiction

-and a reply from "Fay" – In Defense of Fanfic