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Ullswater, Lake District, England



This is a small but constantly growing collection of thoughts, stories and vignettes that Iíve created over the years.

Some I wrote merely to lift my spirits, or in a frenzy of procrastination, or because I wanted to record a dream or a moment in time.Most are just absurd.Whether they are worthy of reading is something I do not know, but I like them.So here they are, for all the world to see, proving that I am, indeed, a complete nut.All I can say is, youíve been warned.



Split Second Added March 4, 2001.


Pool Hall

The Bus

The Ice Cube (or Ode to a Great Car)


Love Story

The Timing of Hope

Carl Fischer

Art of the Bitch

Our Heroine (or Lipstick)

Twisted Hair



Scottish Castle

The Donkey is Probably Dead (warning, this one isÖwell, letís just say the title makes it seem more flippant than it is. Iím not sure why I included this one, considering the topic is both serious and personal, but, as I said before, I like it.At least for me, it means quite a lot.If you are related to me, please donít read it.Iím serious.Otherwise, go ahead.It wonít bite.)



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I also have some stories archived at my Magnificent Seven site.If youíre curious, go and have a lookÖ. Mag7 Stories


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