The following is my first foray into fantasy fiction (yes it was begun BEFORE the Four Kingdoms).  I began it a little over two years ago, but ignored it for about a year.  With some revision (and amazed awareness that my style has improved since I wrote this), I humbly submit it to the world to consider and review, if you will have me. kind.  All characters and places are original and, I guess, mine.  July 16, 2001

 Starting Anew

In New York City, lawyer Galileo Mitchell exists as one man in a million.  He not only knows who he is, but he knows where he is going, and it is exactly where he has planned.  That is, until he heads to England for a short meeting with his newest client.  From the moment he arrives, things begin to go askew....


....Mitchell turned at the farthermost wall, the rose vines covering it not yet in bloom, and looked back at the house.  His heart skipped a beat, his body falling down hard on the gravel.  He pulled himself into a sitting position, his left hand slipping back into the flower bed. Thorns bit into his palm where he gripped the vine, trying to hold onto his reality.


He stared in wonder around him, deciding that, even if he were going insane, this was worth it.


The house, the gardens, everything around him was emanating an almost tropical heat, and gold glitter seemed omnipresent in the air.  The flowers literally dripped color, different shades of red and green and yellow blending as if mixed together on a paint palette.  The statues rose higher, the black and white lines marking their edges so sharp as to eliminate any shades of gray.  And in the distance, the once quiet manor teemed with life.


Creatures crawled over the battlements, some looking his way, others more concerned with chasing friends, or enemies, across the red shale.  On one turret, he saw Imogen watching him.  She rested her chin on one hand, her head tilted slightly.  When she realized he was looking at her, she sat up a little straighter, and a smile lit upon her features.  She turned and disappeared into the house.


Mitchell turned away then, and gazed across the manor's grounds.  It was the first time he saw anything not in sync with the rest of the picture.  Way down among the farthest fields, patches of gray mist and fog drifted across the thick greenery, the weather inconsistent with the cloudless blue sky above.  The shadows passed through the animals grazing there without excitement, although one horse neighed softly and shook himself.  Still, the gray seemed to be being prevented from getting too close.  Like waves against a shore, the gray was rebuffed every time it tried to move nearer to the manor. 


He couldn’t take his eyes off of the gray.  Without being told, he knew instinctively what it was....


This story is in progress, and is close to halfway finished.  So far, I've revised three chapters of seven that I've written, and I expect to write about seven more.  Anyway, If the above teaser intrigued you, try reading the story and tell me what you think.  Thanks!


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Chapter Seven


In Progress....