Two Fish Run Into a Wall


Author: Tipper


Disclaimer:I own neither the Seven nor the A-Team.I didnít create them; I only write about them.Iíve borrowed from a handful of A-Team episodes again, but only bits and pieces. Favorite lines that just stuck with meÖ.




1.This is a sequel.I made over the A-Team into the Old West in a crossover story called Alpha Males.This one is not much more serious than that one, and, yes, I again used my memory of A-Team eps as a basis (as before, certain scenes and turns of phrases may be recognizable).Anyway, you definitely donít have to read that story to read this one, but I might recommend reading the first part of that story to see how I dressed up the A-Team as cowboys.


2.There are some rampant allusions in this one.Just ignore them.To my mind, allusion bunnies are almost as bad as plot bunnies.Hopping around, throwing themselves into perfectly decent plots, getting in the wayÖkinda like when your cat sits on your keyboard.The most obvious one is near the beginning, when one of my favorite childrenís book writers wandered in, had a brandy, and fell asleep on the couch for the span of an entire scene.Donít you hate when they do that?


3.Spoilers for Penance.


4. This story does not quite fit into my little chronology of stories. Usually I write them with the ones Iíve written before in mind.This one is a little off that track.I think Iíve written too many Ė I canít keep Ďem straight anymore.††


5.If it seems rushedÖit is, especially the first part.I realized too late that the A-Team was taking over the entire first half of this story, and I wanted to get to the M7 part so I started to rush it.


6.Sorry about the bad jokes. Oh, and the names of the townsfolk went from general crops to the names of apples for some reason, in part because I found a bag of cortlands, coxes and baldwins that Iíd picked last fall in my fridge that Iíd forgotten about.And my grandmotherís name was Ethel Frances Anthony, in case youíre wondering.She went by Frances and was one of the most wonderful people Iíve ever known.All this will make sense once you start reading.


7. Can you believe I put 7 notes on this?


Description (finally! No more notes!):Nuns in trouble again.The A-Team goes to help a convent in trouble, and, when they end up under water themselves, itís the M7 boys to the rescue.


Acknowledgements: THANK YOU HEATHER!




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Upside Down Cowboy