Welcome to Tipper’s Mag 7 Site!

Greetings all, this here pretty little thing is my attempt to laud that short-lived but well loved creation, The Magnificent Seven.  What you’ll find here is a constantly growing sheaf of fanfiction (which is the heart of the site), some of my favorite pictures of the boys, a few links to other great sites, and a few other bits and bobs.  I hope you like it. ( For Disclaimer, please go back )


Now, before you move on, I should warn you. Though I think all of Mr. Watson’s character’s are lovely, I do have a clear favorite.  You see, the whole reason I got addicted to this show in the first place was because, as I was surfing the networks a few years back, I happened to catch sight of this amazingly good-looking guy in a red coat.  Now normally, just being good looking isn’t enough for me, but when he flashed that wicked, wise-ass grin of his….Well, what can I say, I was hooked.  But there is more here than just Ezra Standish (a.k.a. the talented Anthony Starke), so, to the Dunnettes, Vinlovers, Buck’s Babes, and so on, have a look around first.  You may be surprised.








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