M7NBC Thursday Night Line-up

8:00 The Travis Bunch (teaser)

Follow the humorous exploits of this modern day family as they work out their differences and learn valuable lessons at the end of every episode! In the pilot, we met Architect Orrin Travis, a single father with three young boys, Chris, 14, Vin, 12 and Buck 8, and his new bride, Nettie Wells, who had three very lovely little girls of her own: Ezra, 13, Nathan, 11 and little JD, the curly topped 7 year old. It was a wedding to remember! The housekeeper for our fun family is Josiah, a fantastic cook, the families sounding board and therapist, and all around crazy woman! Between caring for the Travis Bunch and her own problems with her butcher boyfriend, Maude, Josiah always has her hands full! In this week's episode, Ezra and Chris are each getting ready for big days at school while Buck's teasing of JD is about to blow up in his naughty little face....

Josiah walked into the gold and olive living room, ready to do some dusting, his face a picture of calm. As usual, he was musing about when Maude would ask her to marry him. Suddenly, JD's scream echoed through the house, causing the housekeeper to jump. Sitting on the stairs, Buck looked up to the second floor.

"Kitty Carry-all! I can't find Kitty Carry-all!" JD screamed, running to the top of the stairs and looking down. Buck stood up to look at the little girl, his face innocent.

"You!" JD accused, pointing at her older step-brother, "You took her, didn't you!"

Buck put a hand to his chest, "Me?"

"JOSIAH! Do something!" JD wailed, tears running down her face. She bunched the edges of her cute pink dress in her hands as she waited. The housekeeper sighed and walked over to Buck.

"Now, Buck, what have you done now?" the housekeeper demanded, to which Buck just shook his head.

"I'm innocent!" he said. "Honest!"

Josiah shook her head. "Buck," she said in a warning tone.

The little boy's face scrunched up and he stuck his tongue out at Josiah.

"No one ever believes me," he cried, right before storming off into the kitchen to sulk. Up on the stairs, JD continued to wail and wail, and Josiah looked up into the dark oak rafters.

"Why me?" she asked.

Meanwhile, up in the boy's room...

"What do you think, Vin? Should I ask Mary out today? I think she digs me," Chris stood in front of the mirror, checking to see that his black jeans were tight enough and then moving over to the bed to pick up his guitar. On his top bunk, Vin sighed and covered his face with his comic book.

"Of course she digs you, Chris. Girls dig the cowboy thing. It's cool."

Chris frowned, looking up for where he was strumming the guitar, "Yeah well, last time I asked her, she said she couldn't go unless I got someone to go out with her cousin, Charlotte. I just gotta find someone to go out with her! None of my friends will do it."

"Yeah, well, ain't nothing I can do about that," Vin replied, going back to reading his comic. Chris sighed, strummed another atonal note then got a funny look on his face. He looked over at Vin and smiled.

"You know Vin, I have an idea. Tell me, how do you feel about older women?"

Vin groaned.

And, down the hall in the girl's room...

Nathan wandered into the pink bedroom and looked around, pushing the glasses up higher on his nose. Why did he have to wear glasses? Ezra didn't have to wear glasses. Speaking of Ezra, there he was again, checking his hair in the vanity mirror, running the brush through his perfect brown locks.

"Nathan?" Ezra turned and looked at her younger sister, "Do you think I should wear the green coat or the red one to school today? I want to be my best when I receive my award for best con-artist of the year!"

"The red," Nathan said without thinking, but inside he was seething. Ezra, Ezra, Ezra! It's always about Ezra!

End of teaser

Tune in next week, when Chris gets his big break with a record company, Vin's voice starts to change and Ezra's preparations for the prom hit a big snag in the form of a badly thrown football....

And later this year, follow the Bunch on their trips to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii! Just how much trouble can JD and Buck get into when they wander off alone anyhow....?

And tune into the next half hour of M7NBC must see TV, when the men and women of a certain bar in Boston keep the beer flowing and the laughs coming!

(by the way, Heather F. made me do this.)